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Closets and wardrobes are an important part of a home’s interior and should be given as much attention as any other piece of furniture. One should consider several things before buying a new wardrobe: space, color, design, space and functionality.

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Italian closets and wardrobes can exist in a wide assortment of colors, styles and functionality. We at DnDdesigncenter bring these Italian closets to you in New York with our online collection at We deliver our Italian closets in New York and nearby regions for free.

Here's how we can serve you in buying the perfect Italian closets for your home:

Italian craftsmanship:

Our designers and experts are internationally renowned for their elegant work in crafting beautiful and reputable Italian furniture like doors, closets, wardrobes, beds, etc.


Our complete customization process offers you the opportunity to completely modify your furniture according to your needs and color/design choices. After customization has been completed, we proceed with the order of the furniture which will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge.

Technologically and mechanically advanced sliding system

One common problem that occurs with closets is the “sliding doors issue”, which often occurs in many domestic models. The sliding door system may malfunction or get jammed. Our technologically advanced door system separates us from our competition. Our Italian closets and wardrobes are equipped with novel technology which prevents any problems that plague our domestic competitors.


Flexibility is one more thing that makes us one of the best in the business of Italian closets and wardrobes in New York. Our closets and furniture can be easily assembled.

Other important features of the Italian closets we design and import into New York are: innovative finishing, sophisticated accessories and spacious racks. However, all of these things can be customized based on your requirements and design choice. For more details and design selections of Italian closets and wardrobes in New York, visit our website at or call us.

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